We represent people involved in a car accident. Our aim is straightforward: to get all our clients the utmost possible compensation. Far too often, the insurance companies and large corporations take benefit of car accident victims by providing settlements that aren’t enough to cover total cost of incurred expenses and losses. We know all what it actually takes to win, so we will not settle for the second best when your recovery is considered. In fact, this steady dedication to all our clients, the victims of car accidents, has earned us great recognition and awards.


It’s imperative that you talk to our car accident lawyer before discussing about your case with other individual’s insurance company. They have only goal in mind and that’s to settle your case as promptly as possible, and also for as less money as possible. Without a car accident lawyer by your end, it can be difficult to tell how much capital you’re entitled to. So, we request you to contact us just when you’ve been injured.

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Head on Collisions

Such collisions are fatal, since force of both automobiles forward motion leads to serious accidents.

Sideswipe Collisions

They lead to lesser injuries unless there actually are compounding factors involved.

Side-impact Collisions

It occurs when a vehicle is hit by rear or front of other vehicle, leading to serious injuries.

Our law firm handles the car accident claims that are related to:

  • Driving with pets
  • Defective auto products
  • Inexperienced driving
  • Distracted driving
  • Defective highway design
  • Driving under influence

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